Terms and Conditions

Special terms of use

  1. This database is only open to authorized Panasonic employees and authorized dealers who registered for use and to the extent deemed necessary by PTC.
  2. Usage of the files is only allowed to registered users for the purpose of compliance related requests from authorities. Forwarding of the files is only allowed pursuant to judicial order requirement of a governmental agency (including public tenders) or by operation of law.
  3. Documents available for download are property of Panasonic Testing Center or affiliated third parties.
  4. Editing of the documents provided is prohibited.
  5. In case an account requires deletion, please contact: ptcinfo@eu.panasonic.com.
  6. Panasonic Testing Center reserves the right to take legal action in case of violation of these terms of use.
  7. Please see Privacy for details on data protection and privacy.


Last update: 01.04.2019